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java program for pattern#6

Java program for printing the following pattern:
This program also have indentation. Indentation required depends on the output needed and here indentation requires is: for row 1:  total 4 spaces and then 1 start row 2: total 3 spaces and 3 stars row 3: total 5 spaces and 5 stars……. So on  So here spacing is decreasing by 1. Stars/asterisk increases by two starting with 1.
So step 1: print spacing (with decreasing loop variable)
step 2: print asterisk (with increasing loop variable)
class format5
public static void main(String args[])
int i,j,k=1;                                                                            

for(j=5;j>=i;j--)    // printing the space which is dependent on i;
System.out.print(' '); 

for(j=1;j<2*i;j++)   /for printg the required asterisk/star



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