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How is windows8 different from windows7

Windows 8 in growing its demand however Microsoft is putting it hard to establish the market since their expectations were much more. Here we will mention the differences between windows 8 and windows 7,  list the extra features of windows 8, and tell why Windows 8 is superior to windows 7.
Windows 8 superior to windows 7

1. Windows 8 is best suited for touchscreen devices. It gives the look of a tablet etc and the representation of icons is in the form of Apps. In-fact windows 8 is basically brought for users to build their own applications and suit their purpose.

Windows 8= Windows 7 + Windows RT(Runtime)

This is where the main concept of windows 8 is- it includes the windows RT(Windows runtime) which takes less power to run Apps thus decreasing the battery power consumption. Critics say that windows 7 is much more user friendly however soon windows 8 will adjust in the market and grab the seat.
2. Their is no start button instead a whole start screen where your applications icons are placed and moreover you can switch to the windows 7 look by clicking the desktop.

3. There is no X(close) button – rather you have to grab the windows downward and close it.
4. The best of all feature is its copy , move etc all merged into one with pause and resume option included. So those who are using Tera Copy or such software need to do so. Their features are included in Windows 8.
5. Those who are using Daemon tools or similar softwares – stop using it. Windows 8 has inbuilt feature of mount and unmount a disk or drive of an image (ISO file). 
6. You can create you Bootable flash drive also without using a third party software.
7. Easier windows restore option and handling.
8. Improved task manager.

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