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What is Java and why is java needed?

why do we need java what is javaThe question what is Java is now almost an absurd one because it has emerged as the top 10 computer discoveries in the year 1995 and ever since. Java is an object oriented programming language that was developed by James Gosling at SUN Microsystems. The writing of this language started in June, 1991 by Mike Sheridan, Patrick Naughton and James Gosling and was released in 1995. Java is designed specially to be platform independent widely called WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere).

History of JAVA

The start and release date has never been the issue but the naming for JAVA has always been since the name changed from OAK to JAVA.
SUN couldn’t continue with the name OAK because of the copyright issues as it was a trademark for OAK Technologies.
So a team was called upon for brainstorming and many names did come like DNA, Silk, Java, ruby, WRL.

But nothing was much appropriate than JAVA. However there is not any particular justified reason yet but the two reasonable did come:-

  1. Developers memorable Journey to Local coffee shop.
  2. JAVA often referred to as a short form for James Gosling, Arthur Van Hoff, Andy Bechtolsheim.
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Need for Java?
Many of you have following questions in your mind:-
What is java?
Why is java needed?
Any alternative for JAVA?
  • No one can say that without JAVA networking and application development wasn’t there. It worked fine without java too. Still there are 4% websites that need Java to run server side applications and .2% websites for client side applications. That doesn’t implies that the rest 95.8% websites are obsolete.
  • JAVA is needed because it is reliable, easy, fast and secure. From mobiles through laptops and Tabs to gaming devices everywhere is Java. Many applications on the browsers need java and moreover now every browser has Java Plugin installed or rather integrated in their browser.
  •  Almost every secured site https: needs Java to be installed for transactions to accept the commands like submit etc which also works on javascript.
Incoming terms: why do we need Java, What exactly is java, No need for JAVA.

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