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Up-to-Date With New Technology: Become Certified in Windows 8

There could not be a better time to begin work with the latest Windows operating system: Windows 8, which was released in late 2012. Home desktop computer and mobile devices are now being made with Windows 8 pre-installed, while major companies and corporations around the world are switching to this version of the popular Microsoft operating system. Both new and veteran IT employees should consider getting trained in Windows 8 as it continues to replace Windows 7, and while companies are still in the process, now could not be a better time to do so.

Thankfully, Microsoft makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the newest technologies. They offer a certification pathway specifically for Windows 8. It consists largely of the Solutions Associate certification, which provides validation of the configuration and administration of the Windows 8 enterprise system. If you are new to Windows 8 or the Windows OS altogether, you may want to consider beginning with a Microsoft Technology Associate certification in Windows Operating System Fundamentals. This will be especially effective if you continue on to a career in desktop infrastructure or cloud computing.

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The MCSA Windows 8 certification requires a passing score on two exams: Configuring Windows 8 and Managing and Maintaining Windows 8, each one being accompanied by an optional training course. For those individuals wondering about the latest update to this OS, Windows 8.1, a certification is currently being created and will be introduced for it in the near future. To stay up-to-date and on top of your game in IT desktop and operating system infrastructure, become certified in Windows 8.

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