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c program for diamond shape pattern #16

This is a C program for diamond shape pattern which can be both filled and empty. However this choice is left for the user who can enter their choice as per their requirement.

int main()
    char empty=' ',fill='e';
    int i,j,height;
    printf("\n enter the height for Diamond (odd number) :");
    printf("\nenter 'E' for empty and 'F' for filled figure : ");
    printf("\nenter the character for printing the shape : ");

        for(j=i;j<=height/2;j++)    // to print the empty spaces outside the shape for each line
        printf(" ");
        for(j=1;j<=2*i-1;j++)       // number of characters in the shape in ith line is 2*i-1 
            if(j==1 | j==2*i-1 | empty=='f' | empty=='F')  // 1. see explanation below the program
            printf(" ");
      for(i=height/2+1;i>0;i--)    // To print the lower half of the diamond pattern
      { printf("\n");
      printf(" ");
        if(j==1 | j==2*i-1 | empty=='f' | empty=='F')
        printf(" ");
      return 1;

Explanation:  1. the character will print if it is in the boundary condition of the pattern i.e the first ( j==1 ) character or the last ( j==2*i-1 ) character . Or the character will print if the user choice is f i.e fill and in the boundary.

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