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c program for pattern#15


This is a simple pyramid pattern which can be implemented using nested loop – either while or for loop.

int main()
int n,i,j,p; // initialize the variables
printf("Enter the number of lines in the pattern\n");
scanf("%d",&n);   // number of lines to be printed
for(i=1;i<=n;i++)  // loop for spaces in 1st triangle
for(j=1;j<=n-i;j++)   // loop for 1st part in the triangle
printf(" ");
p=1;            //   initialize a variable p to 1.
for(j=1;j<=i;j++)   //loop for 1st part  of the triangle
printf("%d",p++);  // printing the value of p first and then increment the pointer
for(j=1;j<i;j++)  //loop for 2nd part of triangle
printf("%d",p++);   // printing the value of p and increment the pointer but at one less value
printf("\n");  // next line
return 1;


c program for pattern #15

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