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Secret of Xiaomi : Sends Personal Data to China Servers

Obsessed with the cheapest rates over the world Xiaomi is definitely hiding something! As reported earlier in many news channels that the phone is sold even at loss to grab the market but their need to be a reason for this. No one would do a business for loss at least it won’t make a sense. Xiaomi has been recently accused of sending personal data to unknown china servers.

We all know China is ruling the world in all sectors may it be electronics, Sports, Estate etc. Electronics continued to grow over manufacturing of major companies like Apple, Samsung, HP, HCL, probably all of them and it would require a lot of space to cover the list. But how good it would be to be a direct seller rather third party manufacturer? From Hardware to user GUI everything is their own.

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Now whats left is to grab the market reach maximum people in the world to gather the most precious data which could be sold to others or could be used for self interests. There wasn’t any proof to confirm the data leakage since there wasn’t any reliable source. So members of F-secure decided to test whether it was true or not! Here are the results :

Data leaked through Xiaomi phones:

  1. IMSI
  2. IMEI
  3. Contact list and details
  4. Text msgs

Barra (Vice president in XIAOMI) left Google in 2013 reported that the Servers are not storing any user data they are only used to download apps and other relevant services offered from Xiaomi and backup which is asked by the user itself is always encrypted. However as the report Shows MI Cloud which has different IP is a Xiaomi cloud backup service and shows some data leakage.

Tech firms from China and US are popular for these cyber spying and the digital cold war between governments continues.  China has been known always in privacy invasion but none of us would know about this. We all are small pawns and the reality is always above our heads. 

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