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How to Play Google Chrome offline dragon game

Google Chrome offline dragon game: It had been always an issue for most of the internet users what to do when their internet connection is off. Chrome shows up the T-REX Dragon or some so call it as a dinosaur, that is always irritating. But how many of you do know that it is not a Tiny Dragon but a ADDICTIVE CHROME DRAGON GAME that has attracted many chrome users.

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The offline chrome game has a simple objective to prevent it from running into Saguaros or hurdles and get the maximum score. You get the present score and the highest score both available on the screen. This chrome dragon game is very light and addictive to spend your time even if you are online.

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How to play the Google Chrome offline dragon/dinosaur game:

1. Ensure that you are offline / No internet access

2. You would get the following screen on your google chrome :

google Chrome offline dragon- dinosaur game
Google Chrome no internet access mode to start up the chrome game

3. Hit TAB SPACE to start your game when dragon appears. 

4. If dragon doesn’t appears you can reload the page ( but remember to disconnect from your internet)

5. Happy gaming. Enjoy the game and get High score. share it with your friends by sending screen shots and teasing them thus challenging them.

offline google chrome dragon game



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