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Online Free data storage Sites: Store Data on Cloud

For personal and private data storage people are now shifting to the cloud data storage sites. There are both paid and free versions of using data storage and you can get many options to go for the free version and also some cheap paid version for your data. Here are some online data storage Sites:

#1 Dropboxdropbox-free-cloud-storage-online

This one is the most convenient online free data storage as a windows user this one is the most easy to navigate and with simple drag and drop options just like folder Dropbox cloud storage is a most user convenient. However the biggest disadvantage for using Dropbox is that it offers only 2 GB free space. File  Sizr limit 10GB

#2 OneDrive / SkyDriveonedrive

The Microsoft One Drive (earlier Sky Drive) is a Online data storage site with many features and integrated Microsoft 365 for Paid users thus giving a great user convenience to all. This is supported on Android, iOS, OS X, and Windows Operating System.

OneDrive gives free 15GB Data storage limit and has a paid package that gives 1 Terra byte for 83.88$ . Also the size limit for One Dirve is 10GB per site.

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#3 Google Drive : Free Data Storage 15GBgoogle-drive-datastoragesite

One of the best service and moreover a service by Google which needs no other explanation but the name itself. This is a Google cloud storage that permit a 15 GB Free storage for all its customers and can purchases 1 TB storage for a tiny amount of 120$.

The permitted maximum file size to be transferred is just 5GB Which is not at all disappointing and sufficient enough for both free and paid users. More over this free cloud storage site is a trustworthy one and integrates with other apps like Gmail.

#4 Box

box.comlogoOften confused with the Dropbox Box is also a fame gained cloud storage site with an easy to use UI for both personal app and business app for cloud storage. You can get the advanced features for an admin like tracking and statistics which gives the log files of how the data is handled by the team members of the fir.

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It involves both read , write and transfer of files to any one and anywhere thus you are sure your data is secured. The another security feature involves the much needed password protect sharing and fixing roles to individual users thus limiting the usability to low level members and high level employees.

#5 Hubic hubic_online-data-storage-free

Hubic online data storage site offers one of the maximum size for free users that is 25GB and is enough for the normal use to store private contextual and media files as well.  Moreover it has no limits for the maximum file size in the paid version. Also offers automatic folder synchronization.

The paid plans for Hubic users are €10 incl. VAT/year for 100GB or 1 Terra byte storage and €50 incl. VAT/year for 10TB Storage.


Copy-data-cloud-storageBarracuda Networks is one of the best data storage for many people who rely completely on it that provides a great support and fast service with many upgraded features that are competing with other free cloud storage services.

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The Free version provides 15GB initially and with every friend referral you can get 5GB of extra space that ads up to your current package and can reach maximum up to 40GB however the paid version includes data storage from 25GB to 1 TB and has no maximum file size limit.

The Copy can be used in many Operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS and Android. Also it has Encrypted storage that help your private data to be secured.

Online Data Storage Sites Comparison Youtube Video


 So to Finish up the online data storage sites to store your data on cloud are many and out of many options you have to decide which you have to opt according to your needs and convenience however Dropbox has always been the favourite for most people followed by Google drive. The more you think the more you get confused so download free data storage service now.

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