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Home / Game / Game Languages Used to Make It Game Languages Used to Make It Has been a really addictive game for many game lovers. People are curious to know which language  has this game been written. The Game was developed by Matheus Valadares.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Which language has been written in?

Answer: has been built on C++, HTML 5, CSS and JAVASCRIPT

Q: Which language is used to code Agario Client Side

Answer : Javascript is used as a language to code Client side programming

Q: Which language is used to program Server Side.

Answer: C++ 


agario Game languages used coding done

A mouse pointer is used  by the player to access its cell. The goal is to become larger in size and increase the mass of the cell my feeding on the food provided or by eating other smaller cells. The leader board shows the TOP 15 Players and thus keeps you motivated to grow fast.
In Which platforms can be played?
Android, iOS, Web browser, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Strategy game, Action game
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