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C Mouse Programs

This Page will guide you through the Mouse Programs in C Graphics. The programs will help you know more about how to use Mouse Pointer in C language.

Any User Interface is incomplete without the Mouse support. The mouse is a must have UI Device. Accessing a Mouse is an easy task. Mouse Programming on LOW LEVEL LANGUAGES is rather the easiest task. Programming the mouse is fairly simple on the low level, but there is a lot to deal with when considering buttons and animated mouse pointers, all of which will be covered in this section.

How to access C Graphics Mouse Pointer

2 Methods to communicate or access the mouse are:

  • accessing with the serial port itself,
  • accessing with the installed mouse driver using interrupt 0x33.

Serial Port isa tedious methods as there can be multiple serial port / USB ports which will increase our task to check the Mouse support. There is a single Mouse driver for accessing the Mouse thus this method is a much more convenient method But a mouse driver needs to be pre installed for this method which in ideal conditions is installed.

Mouse Programs Step by Step Tutorial

  1. How to Initialize Mouse in C
  2. Check If Mouse is Supported or Not
  3. Check Mouse Status and Exit on Button Click
  4. Hide Mouse Pointer
  5. Current Mouse Pointer Position
  6. How to Display Mouse Pointer in Text Mode
  7. How to Display Mouse Pointer in Graphics Mode
  8. Restrict Mouse Pointer in Rectangle
  9. Restrict Mouse Pointer in Circle

c graphics mouse programs  c mouse programs