Friday , December 15 2017
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Online Free data storage Sites: Store Data on Cloud

For personal and private data storage people are now shifting to the cloud data storage sites. There are both paid and free versions of using data storage and you can get many options to go for the free version and also some cheap paid version for your data. Here are some online data storage Sites: #1 Dropbox This one is the ...

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How to Play Google Chrome offline dragon game

Chrome offline Dragon Game

Google Chrome offline dragon game: It had been always an issue for most of the internet users what to do when their internet connection is off. Chrome shows up the T-REX Dragon or some so call it as a dinosaur, that is always irritating. But how many of you do know that it is not a Tiny Dragon but a ...

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Flying Plane Script to run on your website

Flying air Planes code/script to run on your website.This flying plane script is embedded on special occasions to give your websites a professional look: You will need a image and a javascript to run animation through that image: Method 1: Directly COPY PASTE  THIS IN YOUR HTML/BODY or If you have a wordpress blog then add a text/html widget and paste ...

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Secret of Xiaomi : Sends Personal Data to China Servers

Obsessed with the cheapest rates over the world Xiaomi is definitely hiding something! As reported earlier in many news channels that the phone is sold even at loss to grab the market but their need to be a reason for this. No one would do a business for loss at least it won’t make a sense. Xiaomi has been recently ...

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