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C Program to restrict Mouse pointer in a Rectangle

This C Program will restrict the Mouse pointer Position in the Rectangle. The Mouse Programs are listed here if you want to learn more C Graphics Programs for Mouse. Also If you want to learn how to restrict the Mouse Pointer in Circle then check here. #include<dos.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<conio.h> int initmouse(); void showmouseptr(); void hidemouseptr(); void restrictmouseptr(int, int, int, int); union REGS i, o; main() { ...

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Convert Writer to String in Java

Here is the Java Program for Writer to String Conversion : If you want to convert writer to string java here is the example for StringWriter Stream that is to be imported from the package Java.io. Here we are using append function.   OUTPUT Welcome to Getprogramcode.com

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Up-to-Date With New Technology: Become Certified in Windows 8

There could not be a better time to begin work with the latest Windows operating system: Windows 8, which was released in late 2012. Home desktop computer and mobile devices are now being made with Windows 8 pre-installed, while major companies and corporations around the world are switching to this version of the popular Microsoft operating system. Both new and ...

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How to Null a string or empty a string array

Null a String/ Empty a string array Null a string in C using pointer string or array string. Many times the string is nullified assigning arr[0]=’\0′ but this will not nullify the array as only the first index will be NULL.   1. Null a string using pointer string. char *ptr="hello"; printf("%s" , ptr); *ptr='\0'; printf("\n %s  and  %s ",ptr,ptr+1); ...

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