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Activation Code For MS Office 2016 | Free license and Crack

MS Office 2016 has been launched on 22 September, 2016 with brand new features and will be activated / upgraded for those who have original license keys. The People who haven’t bought the MS Office and want to use the pirated version are searching for the activation code. The MS Office 2016 Setup download is available on many stores with ...

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Java Program to find Mobius Function of number

Mobius Function Java Program:  The MOBIUS function µ(n) for a natural number N is defined as follows: µ(n) = 1 if n is a square free positive integer with an even number of prime factors. µ(n) = 0 if n has a squared prime factor. µ(n) = -1 if n is a square free positive integer with an odd number of ...

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Program for Matrix Multiplication in JAVA

Matrix Multiplication:– Here is given a Java Program for Matrix Multiplication also call matrix product. In other words, Let the two matrix to be multiplied be A and B. Let A is an n × m order matrix and B is an m × p order matrix, their matrix product A*B is an n × p order matrix, in which the m ...

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