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Text to speech project in Android

Text to speech project in android is the most commonly built project where the user provides the text to the application and tts.speak(ggg, TextToSpeech.QUEUE_FLUSH, null); Download Text to Speech project OUTPUT:

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Intent case 4 in android

Intent in android development means to pass messages between different components so that different activities can communicate between each other. There are 4 cases in intent in android and this ones to describe intent case 4 in android. Intent i=new Intent(getApplicationContext(),B.class); i.putExtra("Req",e1.getText().toString()); startActivityForResult(i, 2); Here are two classes that communicate to each other using intent: B.Java Intentfourthcaseactivity.Java Download Fourth case ...

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C program for dfs – Depth First Search

This is a c program for DFS – depth first search In which the the searching goes on to all the siblings first rather than the nodes i.e the first item searched is the leftmost leaf node. Moreover you have to enter the number of nodes in the graph and the adjacency matrix. Though leftmost node is searched still extra ...

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