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program for display lower triangular matrix in java

What is Lower Triangular Matrix? Lower Triangular Matrix is if all the elements above the main diagonal of a square matrix are zero then the matrix is called ‘Lower Triangular Matrix’. Example:   The matrix contains all the elements above main diagonal is zero, so this matrix is lower triangular matrix.   import java.util.*; public class LowerTriangularMatrix { public static void ...

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Program to check Pronic number

Pronic number in Java: A Pronic number is a number which is the product of two consecutive integers, that is n*(n+1), Pronic number also express as (n² + n). A Pronic number is also known as oblong number, rectangular number or heteromecic number. There are 99 pronic numbers below 10,000.   Mathematical Properties: Pronic numbers are even number. Therefore, all ...

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Teradata substring

Substring function is used to trim a string from particular position as mentioned in the parameters.  Both SUBSTRING and SUBSTR solves the same purpose but have a different syntax. Here is the full elaborated use with syntax and examples. What is TeraData? Teradata is a fully scalable relational database management system produced by Teradata Corp. It is widely used to manage ...

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