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Agar.io Game Languages Used to Make It

Agar.io Has been a really addictive game for many game lovers. People are curious to know which language  has this game been written. The Game was developed by Matheus Valadares. Frequently asked questions: Q: Which language has Agar.io been written in? Answer: Agar.io has been built on C++, HTML 5, CSS and JAVASCRIPT Q: Which language is used to code Agario Client Side ...

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Loan EMI Calculator Script and Widget

Loan EMI Calculator Javascript Code : Here is the EMI calculator for Loan when we have to calculate the Estimated Monthly Instalments (EMI) while taking loans here is the program how to make such calculator. Advantages: What all this EMI Calculator does? This is also a AJAX based JavaScript that calculates the results thereby without loading the page again. It provides you ...

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